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I have thought of tool chests as being for keeping tools organized, not just stored. So Toshio Odate’s tool chests did not interest me much, till I realized I needed some storage chests. And for that, they seemed very good – simple, sturdy, stackable, and with a clever lid.

Odates chest can be found in his book Japanese Woodworking Tools, another box based on his can be found at: http://giantcypress.net/post/44613074898/tool-box-after-odate

I built 2, out of cedar (lightweight, sturdy, and somewhat local to me), which was (true) 3/4×10 and 3/4 x 8 inches [19×200 and 19×250 mm].

I did not, but having made them, I would suggest a mix of 4d and 6d cut box nails, available from http://www.toolsforworkingwood.com/store/dept/CNL/item/BT-BOX.XX. I had no difficulties with splitting using these 6d nails, as long as the nails were properly located. Your mileage may vary, especially if you are using a different wood.

The recessed ends provide a handle, which I made 1 inch [25 mm] deep.



One tilts the lid into place, so that it tucks under the top at one end (the left in this case). Then one slides the lid to the right, allowing it to tuck under the right hand top.


I equipped one with a wedge “lock” to keep the lid closed, then decided the lid on the other fit well enough I did not need it.